No One Under 18

THERE IS 0% TOLERANCE on content relating to or alluding to minors, children and young adults. We WILL report serious violations to the authorities. If you see or suspect this violation, please report it to us immediately.

Fantasy or 'role-playing' regarding minors is also NOT ALLOWED. This includes any daddy/daughter, mother/son fantasies or any other type of role playing involving minors. It is impossible to determine intent for this type of post.

Inappropriate Content

This policy applies to all genders at this time. No nudity is allowed including bare genitalia, nipples, areolas or any sort of gratifying pictures. Cleavage shots are allowed but not too revealing.

Here are some examples of common violations:

  • Depictions of sexual nudity, or sexually suggestive poses in which the subject is nude, blurred or minimally clothed, and/or where the clothing would not be acceptable in an appropriate public context.
  • See through clothes where breasts are clearly visible, bare breasts covered with hands or stickers etc.
  • Depictions, animations or illustrations of sex acts, sexually suggestive poses or the sexual depiction of body parts.
  • Content that is lewd or profane - including but not limited to content which may contain profanity, slurs, explicit text, adult/sexual keywords.

  • No Escorting

    There is a STRICT policy of no services, including everything relating to escorting and prostitution. This does not just mean DIRECTLY asking for money in your ad. Any 'alluding to', using code words, attempting to sell later, or trying to trick the system will get you banned quickly from this site. This is not the website for sex work, escorting, or getting paid for your personal time.

    No Solicitation or Advertisement

    Selling merchandise, offers, subscriptions or anything else is not allowed. Promoting your social media accounts, access to your exclusive accounts, or anything related is not allowed. We will suspend accounts that repeatedly try to advertise.

    No harmful, violent or abusive content

    Content that is violent, forceful, abusive, hurtful, harassing or offensive to anyone else, including yourself is not allowed. We understand that some of you are into kink - we get it. However, this is not a place specifically dedicated to kink, so please be very respectful of that.

    No incest related content

    Any content relating to incest (including roleplaying it) is strictly not allowed.

    No drugs

    We don't allow the sharing, distribution, or selling of illegal drugs on our site. This includes poppers.

    No bestiality or cruelty to animals

    Bestiality, sex with animals, or cruelty to animals is STRICTLY not allowed. We will report such violations.

    No personal contact information

    Personal contact information such as addresses or social media including kik, snapchat, hangouts, email address, or other form of communications is not allowed anywhere except in social links section on your profile or private messages. We will suspend accounts that forcefully try to insert their personal information inside classifieds or other places on the website.