New Groups Update

New Groups Update

We are excited to introduce our new feature called "Groups". Its really whats its sounds like, join a group and group chat with other members in the group. Best comparison would be like kik groups. We know there are some region based ANR / ABF kik groups where like minded people chat and share thoughts.

Our goal is to provide same kind region based and some global groups as well for all the members in one place. Nearby regional / local groups can be searched using the search filter in sidebar including distance filter from your city or searching by name. We have created some local groups local to big cities and more groups will follow. We will make improvements and changes based on needs and demands so please feel free to reach out with ideas on how this functionality can be ideal.

How to use groups?

Click on a group name.

1. Click "Join Group"

2. Send message. (or you can go to your messages tab, you will see a new conversation with the "(Group) - group name"

That's it, it's really that easy. now when you send a message in that group conversation that message will go out to all the members part of that group.





To install this MSM Web App in your iPhone/iPad press in your safari browser, and then Add to Home Screen.